Calling a New Breed of Heroes: The Lightworkers

The shift is in the air. Yes, I am talking about the planetary shift in consciousness, the vibrational shift from 3D to 5D, or the ascension. But there is another shift worthy of mention, the shift from the heroes of traditional warriors to the peaceful luminaries and lightworkers.

Fear threatens the ascension.

In an earlier post, I shared that chaos increases as the current systems (political, healthcare, education, financial, etc.) fail. Chaos creates fear in many people. Fear is much like a virus and potentially more destructive than COVID. Fear will draw new situations to us to cause more fear (law of attraction), and our frequency plummets.

The ascension from 3D to 5D is a vibrational shift from fear to unconditional love. It is a shift from a low frequency of around 9hz to around 500hz. If we remain in fear, we will not experience the New Earth, and worldwide, as more people move to fear, it threatens the consciousness shift.

The chaos is to awaken humanity.

The chaos is here. This is part of the paradigm shift. It’s happening for a reason—to awaken humanity. It’s all part of the “game” and the planetary ascension which has been in the making since Lemuria. May I suggest that in chaos:

Push out more love, kindness, and compassion rather than fear and hate.

Be an observer, not a participant, and be grateful for the chaos, as it will bring much to the surface to be seen so that we can begin healing and awakening.

As the systems crumble, this control or shadow will become exposed. We are here to witness and stand in our light as these shadows become increasingly more noticeable. How we stand in the shadow is the work we came here to do. [1]

Remain nonjudgmental of the actions of others during these chaotic times. We’re all on different paths and have different roles (blueprints) in the evolutionary shift in consciousness. (I am not suggesting condoning the actions of others. I am simply saying that we aren’t to judge others for we do not know their roles.)

Can you keep your heart open, your light shining, and remain nonjudgmental while in the storm? If so, you are the real deal, a true lightworker and a peaceful luminary.

Traditional Heroes and Lightworkers

Be the hero who stands in calmness, peace, and love amid chaos

In any great tale or game, there is a hero or heroine. Traditionally, the hero is the warrior, the one fighting to save their life or the lives of others, or who has given their life to something bigger. We certainly have these heroes today; I am not suggesting otherwise.

I am saying, however, that in this time of chaos, the world needs a new breed of heroes. The world needs peaceful luminaries. Humanity will not experience a greater awakening without a critical mass of individuals who ascend the dimensions and stabilize in 5D. We need peaceful luminaries to stand in the storm, keeping their light shining and providing a sense of calmness.

From Destination New Earth:

Some situations, like humanity being controlled by “families of few,” need to surface. This control and other conditions will continue to come to light so that people can see it to change and heal it. The more the populace turns a blind eye, the more these tough love situations will emerge. If we understand that these tough love situations are occurring to expose the control and how the systems don’t work, and we remain calm and don’t go to fear, all will unfold less chaotically.

Some people realize that humanity has been controlled. Others aren’t waking so fast. Your awakening to this Truth and living your spiritual blueprint is the greatest gift you can give yourself and humanity.[2]

Understand that the chaotic times are part of the shift. If you are a peaceful luminary and lightworker, now is your time for your service.  Thank you for showing up and being a beneficial presence on the planet.

Learn more about the shift and how each person has an important role in this evolutionary shift in consciousness.

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[1] Destination New Earth, Marcoux. 192
[2] Destination New Earth, Marcoux, 204

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