Can Chaos and Fear Stop Our Spiritual Ascension?

The planetary shift in consciousness or spiritual ascension to the fifth dimension (5D) is a vibrational shift from fear to love. With the increasing chaos occurring on our planet at this time, could it stop the ascension?

Spiritual Ascension is a Vibrational Shift

One of the messages we received when working on Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness was that the book had to be released in 2022. Why 2022? I believe that If you look at what’s happening in the world today, you have the answer. Many of our current systems are crumbling and creating what appears to be chaos (utter confusion and disorder).

In a chaotic world, many people become fearful. Fear is a powerful destructive force vibrating very low, around 19 hertz. Remember that the paradigm shift or ascension is a vibrational shift. It is shifting from a vibrational frequency of fear and control to one of unconditional love—which resonates around 500 hertz.

Fear Keeps Humanity Controlled

So fear can hold a person back from this shift—but not only themselves. People are creators, and we often overlook that our thoughts can work against us and those around us. When someone is in fear, they draw things to them that will cause more fear, anxiety, and worry. That’s the law of attraction.

When we move to fear, our frequency plummets, impacting all around us (our family, friends, coworkers). We are that powerful. The more people move to fear—worldwide—can threaten the ascension.

Are you awake?

Not to get all conspiracy-like, but humanity has been controlled by the “shades,” the “opposition,” or “the controllers” for eons. Why? Simply put, this life is a game, and a group of cheaters is trying to win. Stakes in our game took a turn when eons ago, the opposition chose not to embody so deeply into physicality to remain in control. This control is a real thing and discussed in Destination New Earth.

The opposition wants you to remain in fear because this is how they stay in control (by keeping humanity in fear). The media is not your friend when it constantly exploits situations that spread fear. The opposition is spoon-feeding much of what airs in the news. If you have to watch the news, only take what rings true and watch with a discerning heart and mind.

3 Tips to Navigate Chaos

Some of the messages in our book include the importance of staying centered and calm during this chaotic time. Easier said than done, right? During these chaotic times:

  1. Push out more love, kindness, and compassion (rather than fear and hate).
  2. Be an observer. Be aware of what is happening without being involved in it. (The chaos is part of the change; as odd as this may sound, be grateful for it. It is part of this evolutionary shift and bringing situations to the surface so humanity can see truths and heal.)
  3. Please recognize that this life is a game; we’re all on different paths and have different roles in the evolutionary shift in consciousness. We should NOT judge others for their roles, nor ourselves. (I am not suggesting condoning the actions of others. I am simply saying that we aren’t to judge these situations.)

We all have a role to play, and we’re here to play our part well. (Learn Daniel’s seven tips to make peace with things that cause suffering in Signs of End Times or the Dawn of the New Earth?)

A Gift - Release Fear Chant

Connie and Daniel, contributors of Destination New Earth, provide a Light Language chant for you to listen to and join in to release fear during these chaotic times. Listen to the chant.

This life is a game

Any great tale or game will always have a hero, villain, and victim. This setup is true for the reveal of the New Earth. Keep in mind that you cannot have a hero without a villain. You cannot have a rainbow without the sun and the rain. You cannot have light without darkness. There has to be a balance.

Oneness | This life is a game

We are all on different paths:

  • Some are here to instigate situations that spread fear and angst.
  • Others are here to shine their light on these situations to bring them to the surface so that its seen.
  • There will be victims that’ll open hearts and inspire people to rise above the situation.
  • Some are here to heal the wounds of the victims.
  • Others may be here to stand in peace amid the chaos to provide calmness.

No one role is any more important than another. We must play our part well while not judging the actions of others (or ourselves). Do you know your role?

Move from Fear to Love

spiritual ascension book

Pick up your copy of Destination New Earth and begin your journey today.

Why are the messages in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness important now? I believe the book needed to come out in 2022 to help navigate what is happening in this world today.

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