Signs of End Times or the Dawn of the New Earth?

Has the world gone mad? COVID-19, vaccination mandates, natural disasters, climate change, war, economic crisis, nuclear threats, locusts, hunger, etc. Some would suggest these changes are signs of the end of days or end times. I suggest that there is another way of looking at it.

Signs of the End Times

For humanity to evolve into the new human and experience the New Earth, there needs to be a greater awakening, and the breaking down of our current systems plays a part in this shift in consciousness. The failure of these systems can bring suffering and pain, and how we navigate the storms that are coming is important.

The end of days is a period preceding the Earth’s ascension to a higher realm or the fifth dimension. It is also called the end times, final days, Kali Yuga, and is often associated with a cataclysmic end on Earth. Please understand that I am not suggesting that the world will end. We are going through a shift in consciousness.

The systems are failing.

We are currently experiencing the failure of many of our current systems. They are coming down because those systems not founded on Truth will fail in the New Earth. These failures may create situations that aren’t comfortable for us.

The New Human is emerging.

One of the messages in Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness is to look at situations that cause suffering differently. Many of these situations arise and will continue to rise to bring to light conditions that need to be revealed to heal the planet. For those on the spiritual path, this is the time we’ve been waiting for. We chose to be here to do something. We chose to be here to awaken to the truth about who we are to usher in the New Earth and the evolved human or new human.

In our new book, Daniel, an Ethereal Autist and contributor shared:

“Do not be surprised if the media exploits catastrophes that will create more angst, fear, and hatred. Know that this will stir change into rapid change.”

… The speed at how fast or slow all this occurs depends on people. Daniel stated, “It is crucial to stay in the presence of the self.” In other words, don’t go into panic or fear mode. How swiftly we move through the storm depends on the energy.

If people see these storm-like events as catalysts for growth and new experiences, the events will be more manageable. Otherwise, if people witness them as chaotic destruction, they’ll move into fear, which will be more challenging. [1]

The breaking down of the systems is part of this shift in consciousness. It is to awaken humanity to its sovereignty. As difficult as this may sound, try not to look at these failures as bad. They are the catalysts for change and will reveal that we have been controlled since the beginning.

Could some of these terrible situations be occurring to shine a light on the shadows to expose them so that we awaken, remember who we are, and claim our sovereignty?

Make peace with the way all are programmed.

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Still, there is much pain, and as humans, we tend to seek out resolution and glare at and judge those responsible for causing our suffering.

In Destination New Earth, Daniel reminds us that we live in a realm of polarity and that this is a game, an illusion, and there has to be the light versus the dark.

There have to be opposing forces for the game. This is the realm of polarity. Make peace with the way all entities are programmed.”

The game must play out, and while this reality, the third dimension is polarity, by our very nature and at our core, we are “pure light and love.”

Daniel said,

The game must continue in physicality, and while there is duality in this game, it is when you recognize and do not judge good and bad that you can harmonize it and bring it back into balance. When you are aware that it is not good, it is not bad, and it only is, it neutralizes everything.”

Making Peace with Things That Cause Suffering

Signs of end times stay in light

Could some of these terrible situations be occurring to shine a light on the shadows to expose them so that we awaken, remember who we are, and claim our sovereignty?

With everything going on in the world today, making peace with those causing suffering is challenging, particularly when something has caused great sorrow. I asked Daniel in a channeling session what tips he could share to help us be peaceful, and here are some insights from Destination New Earth.

“Do not stand in fear, for fear is the biggest sin. Remember that everything is light, frequency, and energy. Do not judge whatever has shaken you up. Understand and repeat that you are whole and have everything you need, and there is nothing for you to lose. This is all an illusion, and you are a creator and can manifest that which you need.

 “The problem with most people is that they assume they need much more because they are outward-facing rather than inward-facing. They focus on what’s outside of them rather than what’s inside. And so, it becomes a necessity to play in this world that is an illusion. They get caught up in it and jump into fear because they are not playing in their role of being a creator.”

The following are tips from Daniel on how to make peace with things that are causing you suffering.

    1. Stand in your Truth, your authentic self, find your divine blueprint and live in joy.
    2. Take time to go inward daily through meditation, breathing, and mindfulness.
    3. Honor your intuition, your higher self.
    4. Do not judge, no matter what.
    5. Recognize that everything is energy.
    6. Realize that the illusion is that we bought into creating these systems that now need to come apart to express our evolved growth.
    7. Never go to fear and worry, and do not be afraid of change—no matter what the change is. [2]

Even in the Shadows, Stand in your Light

As odd as this may sound, while we’re in a storm or end times, do your best to focus on the end destination—New Earth. As the systems crumble, control or shadows will become exposed. We are here to witness and stand in our light as these shadows become increasingly noticeable. How we stand in the light among the shadows is the work we came here to do.

[1] Marcoux, Destination New Earth, 101, 111-112
[2] Marcoux, Destination New Earth, 69-70

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  1. Sarah
    This resonated so well! Thanks for the confirmation. I had a moment earlier this week and my higherself told me to just pay attention to what my mission is and what im here to do . it does get hard as a starseed but its good to find likeminded people. Thanks Alex
    • So happy to have your presence here, Sarah! And thank you for showing up and doing what you're doing.

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