Awaken Humanity Light Language ChantMAWAB Light Language ChantLight Language Release Fear Chant

Awaken Humanity Light Language Chant

Rerdecatar [audio mp3=""][/audio] Rerdecatar       (Rear-Dee-Cat-Are) Gesosesa         (Gee So See Saw) Moheseap        (Mo He See Ap) Rerdecatar       (Rear-Dee-Cat-Are) Leasweasos     (Lee-ya Swee Soz) Dateaya           (Dah Tee Ay Ay) Otesukdu        (Oh Tees Yook Dew) Rerdecatar       (Rear-Dee-Cat-Are) Peisoso            (Pay I So So) Peisoso            (Pay I So So) Peisoso            (Pay I So So)

MAWAB Light Language Chant

Daniel provided a Light Language chant which is performed by Connie. The title of the MAWAB Chant is Fudopewibea, pronounced Fuh Dew Pay Why Bee Ah. Daniel says, "It means "Diamond Sun." [audio mp3=""][/audio]   Light Language MAWAB Chant: Diamond Sun Fudopewibea (Fuh Dew Pay Why Bee Ah) Loruarana (Loo Roo Ay Rah Nah) Cawedasko…

Light Language Release Fear Chant

Daniel, Ethereal Autist, provided the following Light Language, performed by Connie, for humanity to release fear during these challenging times. Daniel and Connie are contributors to Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness. Light Language is an Ancient Sacred Code In this crazy world, fear is our worst enemy. Fear can keep us enslaved…

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