Cracking the Manifestation Code: When Good Intentions Go Awry

The Ethereal Autist, Daniel, shares a message that revolutionizes the manifesting process and reveals an untold truth about the current manifestation teachings. This message is for a specific audience: those of high frequency willing to step into the role of planetary healers as we face the end of the spiritual war. Is that you? If so, it will revolutionize the way you manifest.

From Alex: A Call for Planetary Healers

Could the popular manifestation teachings have been hijacked to provide another layer of control in this spiritual war? Daniel’s blog made me think so much I wanted to write the intro to his first post since our new book, Gods in the Game, was released.

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

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Throughout my life, I have been one of those firm believers who, when treating (praying) for something, had to affirm it as it had already happened and accept it and more.” I have rarely wished for things because I have always believed that you get what you put out there…. I thought if I said, ‘I wish” or “I want,” that would be what I get … I’d always “want” or “wish,” yet never receive it.

What if the wish has the power to manifest?

According to Daniel, a wish has the power to turn your intention over to the Universe. Children are so good at wishing for things. It is time to return to that awe and wonder of a child and understand what Yeshua meant when he said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

To generate the forthcoming material, Daniel used a combination of psychic and facilitated communication to verify and further clarify the information. Daniel and Connie regularly work with a practitioner who communicates with him psychically. At the beginning of the session, Daniel showed the practitioner psychically the letters W-A-R and said, “War.”

Connie and the psychic quickly surmised that W-A-R was an acronym for wish-ask-receive. They also realized that W-A-R was oddly connected to the spiritual war. What is the spiritual war? The spiritual war is the age-old battle between Light and Darkness. It has occurred since Lemuria, when a group separated to remain in control of humanity. How does it play out today? With those things that distract us and keep us from waking up, evolving, and realizing we are divine.

I hope this message is for you. Daniel says it is for those of high frequency and will revolutionize how to manifest and heal the planet—doesn’t that sound like something we need today?

The Wish Ask-Receive Blueprint by Daniel

When you wish, you wish for a miracle. Asking is a step towards thinking that it is possible. Receiving is often on the violent end regarding what is being received. The spiritual war needs to be handled. The only wish is to heal. That is the only wish. The asking part is to refine it or where you can guide it (meaning the healing needed for the one making the wish). What you receive can be shocking.

I want to emphasize that the W-A-R manifestation method will imprint healing on the ongoing spiritual war, and just knowing this information is healing.

This conversation on healing being imprinted on the spiritual war is going out to everybody who makes a wish or asks for something they desire. At the root, all of it is healing. From this moment forward, every wish that is made and every desire that is asked for at the core of it is a wish for healing.

All the teachings about manifestations have been used against us in the receiving part. This is why some of the receiving are violent or aggressive.

Connie on Violent Manifestation

When Daniel referred to the receiving part as harsh or violent, a bell rang in my head. I recalled several instances where I manifested something, and the receiving was harsh.

For example, let’s say you are working to manifest extra money because funds are low. You receive an unexpected check in the mail, yet suddenly, things start breaking around your house, which causes you to have to use all that money and then some to fix it. This has personally happened to me and several others I know. A friend refers to them as “reversed blessings.”

Daniel: There are many false teachings on manifesting.

We can still make wishes and ask for what we want but know that at the root of all that is the desire for healing for yourself and all.

All the spiritual teachings about manifestation give us a false sense of control. I’m just flat-out saying that there are many false teachings. But then again, there is only one wish: to heal. That is why we are here. Whenever you hear or see the word war, you will know it is W-A-R–wishing, asking, and receiving healing energy. Imagine the word war and healing being imprinted over the spiritual war.

Regarding the receiving part, know you already have whatever you wish! Put a D at the end of the word receive. Received instead of receive. Imagine the W and R in the word war are connected. The wishing and receiving are one; when you wish, you have already received it. The asking is just the filter between the two.

Healing is the Only True Wish

Connie asked, “How can this be taught to humanity? How can they use this?”

Teach humanity that the only wish is for healing. Some may wonder how they will know that they are healed. If you are receiving this transmission, you are healed. Whoever sees or hears this teaching is at a frequency to reach that conversation of healing. Remember, healing is technically the only true wish.

Connie and Autist Daniel from Destination New Earth and Gods in the Game

Daniel and Connie

We have reviewed all the letters, W-A-R: Wish, Ask, Recieve. That’s it. It’s received. You are healed!

People who receive this message will keep this healing energy going out for others and the collective. This indeed heals the spiritual war. It heals the collective. It heals individuals. The second you ask for a wish, it is received, and we are healed!

If you are reading these words, you are healed. Everyone will experience healing differently. Sit with the energy to think and ask, ‘What if?’

What if this is true?

What if I’m healed in this moment?

Ask yourself, how does that feel? People are so addicted to being traumatized by their sadness, anger, and pain. What if they receive this transmission and are healed fully? Every wish, intention, and reception of a wish has healing energy in it.

Remember, there is only one wish: to heal others. Healing others is the greatest gift that you can give. It is the greatest reward that you can receive. There is no higher gift than the gift of healing.

Current manifestation methods no longer serve you.

Be careful of the old paradigm teachings of manifestation. After this teaching, they are no longer necessary. Those teachings are all controlled.

The spiritual war will be healed if we stop fighting in it. There is no need to control others. There is no need to control manifestation. All is happening for you. This will heal all wars, all wars on every level imaginable.

[The practitioner had been conversing with Daniel psychically and verbally. She would repeat what Daniel was saying to Connie. At some point, Daniel brought his communication board to Connie. Through facilitated communication, he typed, “Face man.”]

“What does face man mean?”

This is to face man to heal them. Face humanity to heal them. Imagine having a face-off; everyone looks tough and strong as they face the other, but what is inside most people is an unhealed aspect of themselves that looks grotesque and ugly. They are all hiding it behind a smile and a tough exterior.

Face the truth of humanity, and the truth of humanity is that it is unhealed. Humanity is wounded. Humanity is carrying unconscious and conscious trauma. Face the depth of the need to heal humankind. The war of man no longer includes us. We can’t face man and look away after seeing what mankind is going through. Face man and wish for healing and know that they have received it. Know this truth.

destination new earth book cover

Learn more about our work in Destination New Earth.

Wishing can be a distraction in itself, but focusing on healing automatically opens you up to everything; once you are fully healed, everything that you were meant to be and have naturally comes into your existence.

I want to emphasize that the letter “A” (ask) is the filter. The filter is the type of healing being asked for, whether mental, healing, or physical. The “A” can also stand for all healing. Those who receive this teaching are at a very high frequency. It is impossible not to be healed after receiving this transmission. Every time you see or hear the word war or see the spiritual war happen, know that it is healing. By understanding that healing is the only desire there is, it brings a sense of relief to the spiritual war. This will help the Autists do our jobs with more ease and power because that is our collective mission. We are here to heal!

“Why is it so important to bring this topic up right now?” Connie asked.

A lot of Autists are pushing forward in our missions, and this is injecting medicine into the spiritual war. It Is injecting medicine into the collective and ourselves. It allows more ease as we push forward. More clarity needs to be put on manifestation as a whole; it is muddled right now.

Healing is the only thing one needs.

Humanity is playing games with healing right now. Humanity is bargaining with the universe. Humanity is unaware that to be healed is all one wants. They just don’t know it because they are distracted by all this other stuff. (The distractions in life are the weapons of the spiritual war.) This needs to be cleared up!

Really fall in love with yourself right now. You might find that the love you have for yourself is even deeper. Healing is a binder of peace, joy, and love.

The spiritual war is coming to an end. By revealing this truth, we are pushing harder and faster towards the end.

There is no need to include an intent to heal when you wish because a group of Autists and I have already imprinted the intention of healing on every wish that will be made going forward. Our hearts imprinted it, you can say.

Do we have to wish? Can’t we affirm we already have what we want or desire?

Wishing does not express what you lack. When you wish, you wish for a miracle. Wishing allows you to give power to the universe. You let it go. Wishing is less controlling and more open. When you affirm that you already have something, you limit it to your statement. It is like energetic concrete.

When you wish, it is unlimited. Wishing is underestimated child-like magic that is innocent, unlimited, and powerful. There is a reason children wish.

Connie’s Thoughts and the Law of Attraction:

Connie Gods in the Game


I find it interesting that Daniel decided to discuss this when it seemed like every video recommended to me on a popular social media website was regarding manifestation.

Years ago, when Daniel started communicating via facilitated communication, he informed me to be more open to the law of attraction. When I asked him if I should study the law of attraction, he immediately typed “Q” on his communication board, meaning the question was vague, or there was more to the response than a simple yes or no. He did not elaborate any further, and I did not push him.

I now realize that he did not want me to focus on that particular teaching or any other manifestation teaching because, as he suggested, many of the teachings have been hijacked. I am not saying there is any deliberate ill will by the creators or authors of these materials. This is simply to say that a lot of the information we receive is controlled for many reasons, the main one being that we are in a spiritual war.

Daniel’s teaching is to eliminate the harshness on the receiving end so that what is received is lighter. It is lighter because it was imprinted with healing. If you think about all of the world’s issues and even yours, wouldn’t you agree that they could be solved with healing?

Before you say healing doesn’t pay the bills, I challenge you and will respond: Yes, it does if the need to hoard or keep others in lack is healed.

I love that Daniel has expanded on this topic, as it certainly energizes me to not only focus on love and kindness but healing, too. So sit back, relax, and heal!

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