Project Last-Ditch Effort to Save Earth

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There was a cataclysmic failure in the early 21st century that destroyed Earth. Many of the planet’s occupants had not healed from the significant soul scars from other planetary catastrophes on Avyon, Avalon, and Maldek. Rather than humans achieving the anticipated ascension, they once again fall from grace.

save the earth

Project Last-Ditch Effort to Save Earth

Some Heros Don’t Wear Capes

The Cosmic Council, also known as the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light (Great White Brotherhood), executes a plan to give humanity a fighting chance to achieve spiritual ascension by turning back the hands of time and providing timeline glitches to shake things up. Some of the timeline tweaks to save the planet and provide another opportunity for ascension, include:

  • Introducing a grace clause in the Master Blueprint of the universe
  • The leader of the Dark Brotherhood returns to the Light
  • Members of the Blue Ray Alliance and other Ascended Masters incarnate in human form
  • Autistic Avatars walk on the planet incognito, performing miracles to shift the frequency of the planet.

See Book Series-A Journey to the New Earth.

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