Autistics illuminating the New Earth are easy targets in this spiritual war

In an unusual session with Daniel, who communicates through facilitated communication and psychic means, he reminds everyone (particularly parents of autistics) that we are in a spiritual war and Autists are prone to be targeted.

A Spiritual War and Infiltrators

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Daniel’s mother, Connie, also reminds us that the Autists are making considerable strides in humanity’s shift to the New Earth. Still, autistics are easy targets, and Daniel cautions parents that their Autist children are inclined to be sought out by infiltrators and “do not trust anyone. Trust must be earned.”

The message about trust and infiltration is valid for all those on the spiritual path making strides in this consciousness shift. Both Connie and Daniel are contributors to Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness.

From Daniel—Trust Must be Earned

It is very important for parents of Autists, especially now since we are at war (spiritual war), to understand that other people need to earn their trust. When it comes to modern-day experiences and all the things the Autists go through, parents just take their kids to whoever, and they believe everything they say, and they are getting taken advantage of, which hurts the kids. It is imperative that this message get out that TRUST IS EARNED.

This message is not just regarding medical professionals, teachers, etc. It is for so-called spiritual teachers or those that claim they can connect with us (autistics). Increase your self-trust. Trust yourself above all. Be cautious of others...hold your trust sacred, don’t just give it out...I can’t stress enough that trust is sacred. The only ones deserving of it are those that have earned it. Trust yourselves to do that.”

From Connie—Autists Are Making Waves

I had concerns about relaying this information about not trusting everyone. In addition, some may feel this to be a conspiracy theory. But spiritual or awakened people sometimes tend to expect that everything is peaches and cream and have issues learning the truth, especially when it comes to the trust of others or those with sinister intentions.

I recall one meeting with other supporters of Autists and their gifts. An individual in the group mentioned that we should put special protection around our meetings and families because some Reptilians or “shades” have a particular interest in our children and their caretakers that were not positive. I was shocked to see the “quiet” disregard given to this individual. No one asked her any follow-up questions or even acknowledged what she said. Because I’m an empath, I felt even a slight disgust from some participants that she even mentioned this. The woman did not participate in any other group discussion we had, and I can’t say I blame her.

We Are in a Spiritual War

We have got to be bold in knowing the truth. We are in a spiritual war, and this war involves infiltrators on every level. Think of infiltrators as spies or spying. In wartime situations, spies are sometimes sent from either side to obtain information on the enemy. Sometimes, they even pose as friends. Why don’t you think this can happen spiritually? It does, and personally, we have been victims of this infiltration as a family, and it is no fun.

Infiltrators on all levels

I hear you asking what the purpose of these infiltrators is? The goal is to keep things in line and folks who may be vibrating too high in check. It is an effort to keep vibrations low, so we do not evolve. It is to keep humanity in slavery. Sometimes it is difficult to spot these infiltrators because they may walk your walk and talk your talk. There are a lot of infiltrators out right now, not just focused on the Autist Collective per se, as there are many who are being infiltrated. However, Daniel wanted to focus on Autists and their families because we are a threat.

The Autists Are Ushering in the New Earth

The Autists are making huge waves on the healing of this planet and ushering in the New Earth that the infiltrators or shades are not happy with. Their goal is to halt this by harming these Autists spiritually, including their families. Parents and caretakers must use discernment instead of the popular opinion of others or what your fears may be nudging you to think. This trust thing is not just for spiritual teachers. As Daniel said, it is for doctors, teachers, etc.

Everyone Must Earn Your Trust

Yes, I know this is difficult because this message was hard for me at first; however, after the message was given and I sat with it, it started to make sense. Don’t automatically give anyone you think has any authority your trust simply because it is the norm or the program that we must bow down to them because they are “higher” or more knowledgeable.  Everyone must earn trust. There is no exception. This does not mean that you are snotty with folks. We must still treat each other with love, honor, and respect. This only means that you are not so quick to give your trust away to those that have not earned it. Aren’t you worth it? I indeed think so.

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