Diamond Child

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Diamond Children are fourth-generation New Children, and some are first-timers on Earth. There is a small number of Diamond Children here. Adult New Children must evolve to birth the Diamond Children, who fully embody Divine Light. The Diamond Children possess the most advanced psychic skills, including telepathic communication and telekinesis. They are also instant manifesters.

The concepts of anger, hate, fear, greed, and separation are as foreign to Diamond Children as the concept of Oneness is to the majority of the planet during the 2020s. They resonate with Divine, Pure, Unconditional Love, the highest frequency. They hold the DNA patterning that awakens all those near them who are ready to overcome the illusion. They are walking healers. However, the Earth’s frequency must elevate to accommodate a significant mass of incarnating Diamond People. The Ethereal Autists assist with this work.

diamond child, star child, starchild

The Diamond Child holds the DNA patterning that awakens all those near them ready to overcome the illusion.

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