light body

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The light body (lightbody) is the multi-level human energy field or auric body that extends our Consciousness through a holographic-like model or template, creating the illusion of physical manifestations people experience. The multiple-level energy field holds awareness throughout time and maintains a direct connection with the Higher Self, an extension of Source.

What is the Light Body or Lightbody?

The lightbody is also called the Merkaba Body. I refer to the Merkaba when discussing the aspects of sacred geometry.

When activated, the light of the lightbody reaches the physical body and affects the DNA causing changes on the cellular level. There are 12 levels of Lightbody activation elevating consciousness from the third dimension physical reality to the astral plane (4th dimension), etheric Plane (5th Dimension), cosmic plane (6-11th dimension), and ultimately the Higher Self  (Eternal Plane). The Higher Self is also known as the I AM, the Oversoul, the Divine Presence.

Merkaba Body
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