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Spiritual energy grids or planetary grids are etheric crystalline structures of electromagnetic fields, templates, or matrixes covering the Earth and hold consciousness for a species. Each living species, including Mother Gaia, has a grid. There are three different planetary grids for humankind: the primal grid, humanity’s existing consciousness grid, and the ascension grid (also known as the Unity Grid or Christ Consciousness Grid).

Humankind’s Spiritual Energy Grids

Primal Grid

The primal grid is a crystalline matrix consisting of dodecahedrons embedded in the first dimension just below the third dimension and currently thought to be the planet’s gravitational field. It holds the consciousness of the original people on Earth, like the Aboriginals, and was the primary consciousness of our Earth until the flood of Atlantis. The grid has a relationship closer to Phi or the Golden Mean ratio, which is linked to patterns in nature.

Humanity’s Existing Consciousness Grid

Humanity’s existing consciousness grid is a crystalline matrix consisting of chains of icosahedron balls embedded in the lower dimensions from the first and second to just below the fourth dimension, which currently regulates electromagnetic systems such as vortexes and ley lines. It is presently the central consciousness grid of most of humanity, and rather than having a relationship with nature, it is based on duality consciousness, where ego and judgment thrive.

Christ Consciousness Grid, Crystalline Grid, Ascension Grid, or Unity Grid

The Christ consciousness grid is a synthetic etheric crystalline structure of double pentadodecahedron electromagnetic fields, a template, or a matrix that covers the earth and holds consciousness for ascended beings. It extends from the fourth through the twelfth dimensions. The Christ consciousness grid was birthed by Thoth, Araragat, and Ra, Ascended Masters around the time of the fall of Atlantis to offer a path for humanity’s ascension, which needs to occur before the end of a 26,000-year cycle. The unity grid was anchored in 1989 and fully activated on December 21, 2012. The ascension grid stretches across the surface of the planet. The matrix was initially created to reverberate a higher frequency for a path to the New Earth.

Many Etheral Autists work on this unity grid through gridding and make corrections when dark influences impact the structure.

planetary grids
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