fall of Atlantis

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The fall in consciousness in Atlantis occurred over thousands of years. Atlanteans fell from a high state of consciousness, from the sixth to the third dimension. It was part of the Master Blueprint and plan. The fall to the lower realms placed humanity on a duality consciousness grid where ego and judgment thrive.

About 13,000 years ago, in Atlantis, humankind descended from grace, fell out of a state of high consciousness, and lost awareness. The Atlanteans fell because they made poor choices, choices humanity currently faces. If natural evolution were to have taken place, it would have taken hundreds of thousands of years to reach the next level of consciousness. Given that humankind did not have that time until the precession of the equinox (12-21-2012) when humanity and Earth would perish if they didn’t reach the next level of consciousness, Master Thoth and friends built the synthetic Christ Consciousness Grid to provide an opportunity for humankind to ascend. The Masters have been working to bring about planetary ascension since the land of Lemuria.

See Planetary Grids.

Léon Bakst / Public domain - The Story of the Fall of Atlantis as depicted by Leon Bakst

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