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Lemuria is generally considered a land civilized by early humans that became lost during Earth’s changes. It is where (on Earth) Source initially separated from Itself, creating the first step-down as the Lemurians and began the experiment of intentionally descending into lower dimensions to experience physicality. In Lemuria, the original expression of Source was free thought and free choice. Over time, Lemurians descended into physicality and lived in all dimensions.

Lemuria vs. Atlantis

Naacal Mystery School

About 70,000 years ago in Lemuria, one couple learned the secret to immortality and began a school, the Naacal Mystery School, to teach the process of ascension. At the time of its destruction, when the Lemurians were forced to leave, there were 999 Ascended Masters. Those teachers followed the spiritual energy of Earth to a rising landmass in the Atlantic, called Atlantis. There, the Masters created energetic vortexes, which drew the highly intuitive Lemurians to settle there. It also called in two other groups; one group, unfortunately, brought with it a new way of living, a way of life driven by their heads, not their hearts, which led to the fall of Atlantis.

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