Dead Game – Part I

Our new book, Gods in the Game, is a vessel for some of Daniel’s messages. In the book’s foreword, the high-vibrational Autist shared, “The game was coming to an end.”

He also indicated that he would share more information when humanity is ready, and the information would need to come out in phases—the foreword of the book shares the first part. I am reprinting it here for all to read. He has shared “Dead Game Part II” with me, which will be published in Daniels Corner next week.

Watch for it.

The messages are important, and I wanted to ensure everyone can access the information, so I am offering it here.

Gods in the Game: Messages on the Awakening and Consciousness Shift

Gods in the Game (2024).


Life is a game. To move on to the next level, one must listen with their heart, live authentically, and be a lion, not a lamb.

In our previous book, Destination New Earth, Daniel the Ethereal Autist added a message to his mother Connie’s foreword. It was “Welcome home.” She interpreted it as welcoming the reader to the New Earth and letting that book guide them.

In the same spirit, I asked Daniel if he wanted to give an introduction and closing message for this book. One day, I received a note for the foreword. It was also two words, “dead game.”

In case you haven’t read Destination New Earth, in it we reveal that life is a game, and there are various levels or rounds to the game. The 3D, third dimension, objective is to awaken to your Divine Blueprint and live your Truth. Mother Mary shared, “The game is to live the blueprint written for you long ago before you incarnated. Every individual must live their Truth, their higher self, their blueprint.”

The third-dimension objective is to “BE.” We are going through a dimensional shift in consciousness. Some refer to it as a shift from 3D to 5D (third dimension to fifth dimension). There is also a unique objective in 5D, which we explore further in this book.

When asking Daniel to expand on his message of “dead game,” this is what he wrote:

Think of it as going into a new phase. The game is coming to an end. The next step in our evolution has new rules, new twists and turns. People will be more interactive and not trying to defeat each other. The idea is the game will die, and there will be more cooperation. Shift over into a new way of thinking.”

Think of this as if we’re playing a game, and the 3D level concludes. We are to move on, if we choose, to the next level. The 3D deconstructs, and a new round emerges with new rules.

Daniel shared that he’d provide more information as humanity becomes ready to hear it and that it needs to be shared with humankind in phases to understand it. He did say, “Be open to new possibilities because the game is over.”

Before I had an opportunity to receive more information from Daniel, I visited with Shauna Kalicki, a channel for many beings, including Cerian, a sixteenth-dimensional collective. While Shauna channeled Cerian, I asked them if they knew what Daniel meant by “dead game.”

They added, “From our perspective, when the game is dead, that would mean humanity has awakened and are in unison. They would be aware that they’re creators and co-creators, and the few no longer control the many—the many control the few. That’s the illusion. No one individual or group of people can control others. The game would be over when there’s no veil.”

That certainly is not where we are today, but I believe it is where we are heading.

Cerian further indicated that the 3D level is ending, and we are starting a transition period. This period is what Daniel referred to.

Daniel mentioned,

There is this level of acceptance in the collective of humanity of the world’s craziness. The Shades are still manipulating and creating pockets of chaos around the globe. Humans are almost used to it, and this creates an environment of ‘heavenly coherence.’”

There has been a level of control over humankind since the beginning in Lemuria. This control continued and became the norm with the Controllers, or Shades, as Daniel puts it. The Controllers became the establishment, as reflected in the uneven distribution of wealth worldwide.

There is undoubtedly much craziness and chaos in the outer world—war, hunger, “natural disasters,” corruption, global warming, an accelerated level of violence, human trafficking, systems collapsing, epidemics, and more. Because of this, there is also a new level of fear in the inner world.

Daniel is suggesting that much of humanity continues to do what they have always done: follow the establishment mindlessly. Since the beginning, to survive, humankind wanted someone to lead, so we followed the Controllers and still do in 2024.

You are a sovereign being, though you don’t remember, and if you surrender your sovereignty, you choose not to be the Creator that you are and create with haphazard results. When giving over your divine sovereign right, you create unconsciously. You choose destabilization, instead of stabilization, enlightenment, growth, awareness, and awakening.

So, as light is shined on the Controllers and their minions, and the darkness and corruption of the Shades are exposed, humanity has a choice to either make the Controllers and their minions accountable or look the other way as society has done in the past.

The Controllers are in a fragile state and are losing their grip on control; though, as Daniel suggests, they are still creating chaos worldwide.

Because humans have become so desensitized to senseless behavior, many choose the consistency of the establishment. Like sheep, they follow, considering thought and reason rather than listening to their hearts, and by doing so, they surrender their sovereignty.

Daniel suggests that some groups working for the Light Team are taking advantage of this period, which has “less fight energy.” It permits “secret missions to go down under their noses without the Shades seeing it.”

To put it simply, the Controllers have had better days. They’re getting hit by the efforts of the Autist Collective, a network of Pure Autists working around the planet to awaken humanity.

Daniel later said,

The control will die.”

From my perspective, both Daniel’s and Cerian’s messages make sense and offer much hope, given that humanity is on the verge of an evolutionary shift. To advance the 3D level, we must live our authentic selves and enter a new phase with new rules and goals. Rather than sheep, we must be the lion and listen with our hearts. Newness often accompanies uncertainty, and uncertainty accompanies chaos. There seems to be much of that in the outer world right now.

Life is a game with various levels, and as the 3D round is deconstructing, a new level emerges. To move on, one must listen to their heart, live their authentic self, and be the lion, not the lamb.

Know that if you are here to awaken and have not learned about your Divine Blueprint or sovereignty, it is not too late. May Gods in the Game and Destination New Earth help you on your path through this transition period and onward to the 5D level of the game.


Alex Marcoux

Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness

For those wanting to assist in the shift in consciousness.

Daniel has recently shared part two of "Dead Game:" Birthing Pains Precede New Earth.

This information is published in Gods in the Game and republished here with permission from 616 Editions.

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