Galactic Suns

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Suspend any previous teachings on God (Source) and Creation. Go back to before the creation of all universes and galaxies. Go back to the first breath of Source. The Galactic Suns are one of the first Emanations of Source Energy, Source’s first exhale. In this first breath, there were/are many lineages of Great Beings that may be considered the first Soul expression, the 12 Galactic Suns, the Council of Twelve, the One. Within the first emanation are 12 languages of Source connected to all manifestations of Creation.

Thirty-six Autistic Avatars walk the planet today, forming 12 triads and 12 Galactic Suns.  For each Galactic Sun, three Autistic Avatars form a triad that represents a Sun or Sol (Soul), and the trinity represents one Galactic Sun.

Thousands of autistics around the planet form an autist-collective that works with the 12 triads to heal, re-weave, and teach about humanity’s Divine Nature and what it means to be part of ALL THAT IS. See “Autistic Avatars.”


Council of Twelve
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