A Unique Channeling Book on the New Earth

Destination New Earth is a channeling book delivering powerful messages on the planetary shift in consciousness, the ascension, and humanity’s spiritual awakening. While every book with channeled material is unique, the process we use to gather and validate the information makes Destination New Earth unlike any book of its kind.

Collaboration on an Interdimensional Scale

In our project, four parties worked together interdimensionally and physically to share channeled messages on humanity’s spiritual evolution. Destination New Earth includes channeled material from Ascended Masters and higher dimensional beings. One of the voices in the book is from a nonspeaking autistic man named Daniel, who is an Ethereal  Autist.

What is Channeling?

A psychic medium is a person (often referred to as psychic) who mediates communication between individuals and spirits or other-dimensional beings. This process of communication is channeling. There is also a trance medium, which is a psychic who usually goes into a trance while channeling and typically does not recall what happens when the entity communicates.

While working on Destination New Earth, Shauna Kalicki functioned more as a psychic medium. While she’d enter a semi-trancelike state, she would recall the communication; however, the information would sometimes be hazy or unclear. The messages she channeled for this book included messages from Daniel, Mother Mary, and Cerian, a sixteenth-dimensional collective.

Our Channeling Book - Scope and Process

There were four people involved in this project, Shauna, Connie, Daniel, and myself. At the onset, we set out to write a New Earth 101 booklet to share what the New Earth is. The channel, Shauna, did not know the subject matter for the book, nor did she have access to the questions Connie and I developed or access to the recorded channelings. I interviewed the channel during sessions, and Connie transcribed the recorded sessions and asked Daniel to grade the responses for accuracy.

channelled messages

Both Connie and I would use intuition and discernment to filter through the information and develop follow-up questions to clarify the material in other sessions. Daniel is Connie’s son and communicated through Shauna in channeled messages and in the physical, with Connie using facilitated communication.

Daniel also expanded the initial project scope of the book to include the role of the Autists and off-planet influences in the ascension and taking on topics such as Lemurians, Atlanteans, the Magdalenes, and some material that ruffled my feathers.

My interest was to include material that would serve the highest and best good for humanity to heal the planet. I considered the channeled messages graded highly by Daniel, then intuitively organized it into five sections and wrote the book.

Channeling a Trickster

During one channeling, a trickster entity hijacked the session. The information that came through was unusual, and the entity claimed to be an angelic aspect of Daniel. Daniel, using facilitated communication, prompted Connie that this “angel” was a trickster with hidden intentions and not to use the material in the book. Of course, we did not use the material, but we drew from the experience.

Our preparation for channeling sessions had always included clearing the energies, implementing protection, and invoking information coming through for the highest and best good. The thought that a trickster entity could come in so easily and offer inimitable information was unsettling. Without Daniel warning us that the information was tainted, it could have contaminated the book.

This experience demonstrated how important Daniel’s role was to ensure the information was correct. To truly understand why we place such credence on Daniel’s approval, you should read Destination New Earth.

How are our channeled messages different from other channeled material?

channelling booksEvery channeling book is unique. I am not dismissing other work. I am merely sharing how different our process is from other channeled work. The sheer ability to tap into the higher realms to sense and discern the information is in itself a gift, and all work should be honored.

Our experience with having Daniel monitor the information and grading the accuracy was invaluable, and there is no doubt this book is unique sheerly because of the individuals involved. Our collaboration involves a psychic medium, an Ethereal Autist, a powerful, intuitive mother, and myself, an intuitive writer—with all parties focused on delivering a book to help awaken people to their authentic selves.

Our group made every effort to clarify the information and deliver a channeling book to support people on the spiritual path.

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