Enjoyable. "Gods in the Game" reveals many truths about living your authentic self and finding your Divine Blueprint."

Gods in the Game is a spiritual guide co-written by Alex Marcoux, Shauna Kalicki, Daniel, and Connie. Its purpose is to help people awaken to different dimensions and to encourage them to live a more authentic life, like lions instead of lambs. The book inspires readers to bravely join the Light team and fight for peace, equality, and justice for all. It delves into topics such as the gift of autism, different dimensions and consciousness, and the shift that separated us from the source and led to our descent. The authors provide insights on Lemuria, ascended beings, and coronavirus vaccines. They give readers a bigger picture of how those in power control the world and how humanity is headed toward self-destruction.

readers favorite 5 stars shinyGods in the Game is a well-written and detailed book that provides many insights into new possibilities. The authors have compiled a plethora of topics related to the spiritual realm. Each topic is well-explained, and the book has a smooth flow, with each chapter moving perfectly into the next. Many people may be skeptical because much of the information within this book by Alex Marcoux is channeled by Shauna Kalicki and from the Ascended Master Mother Mary, the Ethereal Autist Daniel, and Cerian. However, readers need to be open to new ideas to understand these concepts without bias. The book reveals many truths about living your authentic self and finding your Divine Blueprint. It has beautiful messages about oneness and spreading love, which is something we need today. Overall, this is an enjoyable read.

Luwi Nyakansaila for Readers' Favorite, https://readersfavorite.com/rfreviews/search?search=marcoux