I want to tell you a little bit about a novel I just finished reading entitled “Back to Salem” by Alex Marcoux.

This was a perfect winter book and would be a great beach book. Basically, it is a mystery book with some historical edges involving several lesbian characters. It was light and delightful but had some interesting twists and turns. I felt the development of the relationships between the women was a bit more substantial than the typical lesbian romance novel, and Alex’s ability to tell a good mystery was as good as any Sue Grafton book I have read. I want to thank Haworth Press for sending me this book; I have not only enjoyed it but also had a couple of friends read it, and they both enjoyed it.

Alex also wrote “Facades,” which I look forward to reading. Alex was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Colorado with her partner and son. She was presented a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Pen Award for “Facades,” her first novel. She is also apparently working on a sequel to “Back to Salem,” which I am really excited about. I also logged into Alex’s website at www.alexmarcoux.com and understand that “Back to Salem” is a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Mystery (good for her).

Warmly submitted,

Cheryl Chessick

Cheryl Chessick, M.D.,

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