A potent, passionate and powerful follow-up to the ground-breaking Destination New Earth. Gods in the Game is a mind-bending journey into the world of autism, awakening, and the shift in consciousness we are all going through. This book challenges societal norms and how we perceive Autism. Presenting it as the unique and potent gift it is - If we have the courage to look deeper! As a captivating exploration of the way we perceive and engage with the divine, this book offers a fresh perspective on how we are ushering in the New Earth together. It is a fascinating opus that unveils the deep impact of Autism on our planet's evolution and how Autists are helping us connect to our most empowered reality. Get ready to be inspired, enlightened and awe-struck as you embark on a transformative journey alongside these silent heroes. Gods in the Game will shift your mindset, ignite your curiosity, and open your eyes to the extraordinary powers that we all possess and how to access them. Thank you so much for this seminal, engaging, and inspirational read.

I loved it!

Robbie Mackenzie, Channel for Metatron, Author of "Metatron, This Is the Clarion Call"