Reviews of Alex Marcoux’s Books

"Mix a little Dan Brown conspiracy with a little Philip K. Dick sci-fi and what do you get? A Matter of Degrees, the new blockbuster mystery thriller by Alex Marcoux! Weaving A GENRE-BENDING TALE OF CONSPIRACY, COVER-UPS, AND MURDER, Marcoux returns to the game with beloved characters from her earlier novels Façades and Back to Salem, bringing them together in an explosive mix of spine-tingling action! A Matter of Degrees IS AN OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD READ and SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!"

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Sherry L. Stinson, OutlookPress

"A Matter of Degrees by Alex Marcoux crosses literary boundaries the same way that it crosses centuries, nations, and time and space itself. Marcoux skillfully weaves ancient tales of the mystery religion of ancient Egypt into the present-day mystery, yet carefully conceals how the two interrelate until the very end. The tale is FILLED WITH TWISTS AND TURNS, and the revelations at the end should surprise even the most jaded mystery reader. A HEART-THUMPING RIDE through Jessie's world as she searches for her brother's killer and finds much more than she bargained for. This page-turner WILL FULFILL THE FONDEST WISHES OF THOSE WHO LIKE A NICE THICK, MEATY, MYSTERY READ."

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Anna Furtado, Author of The Briarcrest Chronicles and other lesbian fiction

"Fans of Marcoux's other books will welcome the return of Jessie Mercer and her lover, Taylor Andrews, from Back to Salem and mentions of Sidney and Anastasia from Façades. In addition, the Freemasons, the Sumerians, the Catholic Church, the Trilateral Commission, and other secret societies are all players in this WELL-RESEARCHED THRILLER."

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Books to Watch Out For,

Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles is wonderful. I love the insights, revelations, stories, and exercises. It will give your readers many ways to look at the information and support their growth. The truck driver in the snow story was incredible. I loved the insights that you had about the hummingbirds and how it might have correlated to my life. I think you are absolutely correct.

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