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In this multiverse, Tiamat is a planet pulverized during the Anunnaki-Reptilian wars, and half of the planet became fragmented, remaining in the asteroid belt. The other half exists today as Earth.

Planet Tiamat

Given that we live in a multiverse, the planet exists whole in different dimensions where Earth does not exist.

Mother Gaia

Mary Magdalene an aspect of Mother Gaia

Mary Magdalene an aspect of Mother Gaia

In our universe, Gaia (Mother Earth) is undoubtedly a remnant of Tiamat. Given that Mary Magdalene is an aspect of Gaia, it is not a stretch that Magdalene is also an aspect of the precursor to Earth.

Tiamat Goddess

The ancient Babylonian history records that Tiamat was a goddess of the sea who mated with the god of freshwater (Abzû) and produced young gods. These young gods were said to be monsters (dragons). The myth says she was the dragon mother who was killed by Marduk, an Anunnaki.  Some suggest that Tiamat is a symbol of chaos in creation.

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