Cerian Says, Lightworkers Book is Pushing Buttons

As our Lightworkers book, Destination New Earth approaches its one-year birthday, I asked Cerian questions about the book in a recent channeling session and wanted to share their responses with you.

5D Consciousness Book

Cerian is a collective of beings from the 16th dimension who speak through one voice. The psychic medium Shauna Kalicki channels Cerian and much of the information from Destination New Earth came through her work.

I admit that I didn’t know what to expect when Destination New Earth came out. I knew the book was for those in 5D consciousness or those on the path to getting there. I also knew the book isn’t warm and fuzzy but filled with hidden Truths — many of which are unique — about our planetary shift in consciousness, the Autists, the New Earth, the “controllers,” humanity’s divine blueprint, and much more.

Cerian’s Take on “Destination New Earth”

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Cerian in a channeling session. I wanted to know if the book was doing what it was “supposed to do.”

Cerian said,

We are very pleased to say it is doing exactly what we had hoped it would do. It draws in individuals who may be able to resonate with the information within the book. It is startling some, awakening others, and pushing buttons in others. This is good. We want to be dramatic in many respects about what is happening (on the planet).”

Whether the book has startled you or pushed your buttons, I always say, take what resonates and backburner the rest — for you never know if those unthinkable notions spark the flame within.

destination new earth book cover

Now Available

Lightworkers, Starseeds, and the 144000 Book

Going into this project, I knew there was a small market for this book, a niche market. I certainly didn’t publish it for the money (LOL). I published it because the information needs to enter humanity’s consciousness.

The book is for Lightworkers, Starseeds, and those identifying as the 144000 (though there are many more than 144000). The book is for those on a spiritual path who feel they are going through a shift and don’t self-identify. There are many on the path who just don’t label it. Are you among this group?

I did not know what to expect and hoped I could target the right readers for the book. I knew I had the support of the Autists, as explained in the book (silent heroes working on humanity’s evolutionary shift).

I took the plunge, not knowing if the book would sell or how it’d be received. As I approach one year and write this, I see that the book has 144 ratings on Amazon, which warms my heart because it is a divine number, reminding me of what Daniel said about that number. Daniel is a contributor to the book and an Ethereal Autist. He says:

There is an energy to everything, and 144 is a divine number. When it is time for a number to come forward and be prominent like this number, be open to its divinity, it is a sign of something converging.”

What is convergence?

Convergence is the coming together of two or more things. When you think about a planetary shift in consciousness, it is a shift from egoic consciousness to unity consciousness, the self-realization of Oneness. It is time for the simultaneous awakening of all Consciousness into Oneness. If that is not convergence, I don’t know what is.

Thank you.

I am grateful the book is selling and for your letters and the accolades it has received. I am writing again, so my blogs are fewer and far between, but I thank all the readers, those doing the work, and my esteemed partners on this project, Shauna, Daniel, and Connie.

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  1. Yogi
    Thank you for your work exposing the destiny and gifts of the autistics and the truths that need to be revealed A traveler

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