Neutrality is medicine for the soul

Daniel, a nonverbal man with autism, communicates to parents and caretakers about embracing emotions and practicing neutrality or open acceptance. While he recommends this to parents or those caring for autistics, he endorses these practices for all—since emotions are a big part of everyone's life.

About Daniel

Daniel is one of the contributors to Destination New Earth: A Blueprint to 5D Consciousness. He is a nonspeaking man with autism who assists in humanity's ascension and healing of the planet. He regularly communicates through facilitated communication (FC) and telepathy.

Daniel pure autism

Daniel is here to assist humanity in its ascension.

From Daniel (An Ethereal Autist)

Embrace your emotions frees you from self-judgment.

Embrace and accept all emotions, whether anger, sadness, joy, bliss, all of them from A to Z, embrace them. It is important to work on being neutral on all the emotions that you as a parent/caretaker may experience. This will free you from self-judgment. It will allow you to feel all that you feel without judging yourself for having these neutral in perceiving your emotions. Neutrality feels good for us Autists. There is an energizing feeling to it. It helps on so many levels.

Practice neutrality.

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Parents can practice neutrality when it comes to the behaviors some of us have, frustrating behaviors that you cannot understand, or behaviors that make parents feel utterly powerless. To bring neutrality into it, it releases judgment on every level for everyone in the family. Neutrality is very healing energy; it cools any given situation. All parents are going to have reactions; that is one thing. Being neutral that you have these reactions makes it much better for everyone.

What is neutrality?

I define neutrality as open acceptance of one's experience free from judgment. When parents, teachers, therapists, and family members, practice this, the energy physically opens up and shifts. It is less constrictive.

Open acceptance is medicine for the soul.

Be okay if you are angry without judging yourself for being angry or depressed. Let it be, don't judge it, don't even try to stop that emotion because what you resist persists. It is not a simple practice and can get really dark, and it can get really blissful too. When parents are really happy, they should still practice neutrality because that can prevent arrogance. Neutrality is medicine for the soul. One can practice neutrality by acknowledging their feelings and loving the one experiencing those feelings. It is very important to practice self-love during challenging situations with your children. Parents/caretakers automatically assume that it is something that they are doing wrong when certain behaviors are exhibited. There is no such thing as a mistake. Realize this.

From Connie (Mother of a Nonverbal Autistic)

This is a very complicated process, especially if you identify as human. I say this because when you are in the thick of having an emotion, especially one perceived to be negative, you can't think of anything else but that. Usually, afterward, there is some guilt or even anger that you had that emotion.  I'm not going to lie to you. This whole practicing neutrality thing is not a strong point for me.

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I have heard other Autists speak of neutrality and its importance in the past, but it felt foreign to me and still feels foreign. However, since this topic has been brought up again by Daniel, I have made an effort to start to understand neutrality more and practice it. Practicing neutrality allows you to be as ticked off or angry as you want, but just be neutral about it.  If you are mad, let yourself be mad. If you suppress your emotions or feelings, it will lead to suffering or even physical illness. This process or technique that Daniel is sharing will allow emotions to be integrated, processed, and acknowledged. They are not going to get suppressed but will eventually be healed.

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  1. I love the part about practicing self-love. Certainly a good message for all during these interesting times.
  2. Lezlie
    This is great. I intuitively have practiced neutrality when I remember to and it always helps the situation with my small children. I see how it can help in all situations. Thank you Daniel

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